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Miller & Mullet's feature-length movie Babysitters is now a webseries!

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Ed used to collect baseball cards. Now he collects ladies. Want to give him your rookie year?

Mullet will be your friend.

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Following us online makes it easier to follow us in the real world too.

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Miller & Mullet
The only reason they're not listed as comedians is because they predate that feature, in Mullet's case by over 200 years.

Mullet composed and performed the score for Miller & Mullet's first feature. Although the film remains unreleased, you can hear some of its soundtrack here.

Miller & Mullet Productions Crew

People who work for Miller & Mullet also do their own stuff. We don't mind so long as it's on their own time and we get a cut of their profits.

Allan Turner
Writer | Performer | Print & Web Designer | Illustrator | Noisemaker
Miller & Mullet Productions staff writer and gopher.

Kameron Gates
Animator | Illustrator | Sculptor
Miller & Mullet's official artist of choice. Illustrates the Miller & Mullet comic book, co-designed and animated the Miller & Mullet Productions logo, and soon to sculpt Miller & Mullet's only licensed action figures. Also worked on some movie called King Kong.

Michael Wong
Took most of the photos on this site.

Miller & Mullet's Guide to the Web

Miller & Mullet thank you for visiting their website and also recommend these other fine establishments.

Bad Dog Theatre Company
Home of Theatresports Toronto but not Miller & Mullet. At least, not since the incident. We like 'em anyway.

Mulletís favourite band.

Channel 101
Short comedies not featuring Miller & Mullet. At least, not yet. Stay tuned!

Ed & Red's Night Party
Despite what Mullet may tell you, this is the only sock that talks back.

Film Threat
Chris Gore knoweth thou hath yet to visit his site. Appease Chris Gore! Appease and repent!!

Short tragedies.

Mump & Smoot
Horror clowns. And neighbours.

Paradise Comics
Where Miller & Mullet sell their comic. Where theyíd also buy their comics except theyíre not allowed in. At least, not since the incident.

Millerís favourite band.

Shoo Shoo Baby
Dancing girls with accents and fruit hats!

Sideshow Monkey
Mulletís favourite artist.

Tiffany Taylor
Millerís favourite artist.

Trailer Park Boys
Television at its best.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
Television at its best: the movie!

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie USA
The Trailer Park Boys are going stateside. And they're bringing Canadian beer!

Williamson Playboys
Miller & Mulletís unwilling mentors.