Miller & Mullet: Live

Miller & Mullet Live in Person!

Miller & Mullet frequently show up and are sometimes let in to comic conventions, cabarets, and concerts. Here they dance along with Hank & Lily at NXNE 2009.

On the Street

Miller & Mullet began their illustrious career busking on the streets of Toronto, Canada. Candy Moon, their signature tune, is a favourite of audiences everywhere despite it never being performed the same twice.

"Mullet makes up the lyrics," explains Ed Miller, "Me, I'm a dancing wizard. I've got a volcano in my pants, ladies. A magical dancing volcano that shoots the lava of love."

When asked why Candy Moon, Mullet answers, "Everybody likes the moon and candy's on the southshore."

Other acts, or "turns" as the duo calls them, have included Rope, Watermelon, Dirty Ol' Sack, and Lemons.

Miller & Mullet can often be seen at comic conventions and store signings in support of their debut comic book, or at soup kitchens in support of giving clowns free soup.

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