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Miller & Mullet Webcomic

We're proud to announce the launch of our latest endeavor, a weekly webcomic! Go see.

Miller & Mullet in Babysitters

We're proud to announce that we're finally releasing the FEATURE-LENGTH movie we shot back in 2002! On YouTube! New chapter every Friday! Go watch.

Miller & Mullet 2.0 ... almost

We're revamping the website. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out ALL THE NEW CONTENT!!

Happy Holidays!

Miller and Mullet and Kam wish you a merry ... hang on, Miller and Mullet AND who? Since when are we trio? Since we kicked it into awesome, bitches! Kameron Gates is the talented artist who draws our comics (you should have known that, we've been working together since 2006). And in 2009 Kam was officially welcomed into the fold as a third partner in Miller & Mullet Productions. And in 2010, we're launching a new weekly webcomic. You heard it here first (unless you already heard it somewhere else). Here's a teaser. Oh and happy holidays. From Miller and Mullet and Kam and Miller.

Um ... Are Miller & Mullet still alive?

Miller, yes, Mullet, no, but they're both still kicking. Fear not ... or maybe that should be fear lots ... anyway, Miller & Mullet continue to write and perform. Recent sightings have been at Toronto's Fan Expo, NXNE, and The Toronto Festival of Clowns.

Want to know where they'll be next? Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Those sites get updated more often. Don't blame me, it's not like they're paying me to do this.

Miller & Mullet Return to Ed & Red's Night Party

We're 98% sure Miller & Mullet's 3RD appearance on Ed & Red's Night Party airs THIS FRIDAY June 6th 2008 at 11:30pm on CityTV. Repeats same time Sunday.

In the US, check for "Ed the Sock" on Ripe TV on your on-demand channel or Comcast Ch. 1 or Time Warner Ch. 99. Hopefully that makes sense to you because it sure as hell doesn't to us! I guess we don't speak American, eh.

Watch Miller & Mullet's Online!

Miller & Mullet's 2nd guest-starring appearance on Ed & Red's Night Party is now online. Watch part 2 here and part 3 here. Part 1's only on TV so tune in to reruns.

Miller & Mullet Return to Ed & Red's Night Party

Miller & Mullet's 2nd guest-starring appearance on Ed & Red's Night Party airs this weekend on CityTV: Fri, Feb 22 @ 11:35pm repeating Sun at midnight (technically, Mon, Feb 25 @ 12am). Check your local listings.

Dan Harmon Hates Miller & Mullet

Co-creator of The Sarah Silverman Program Dan Harmon included Miller & Mullet in his list of MySpace friends who bum him out. In his blog, Harman says...

I won't click on it. I've seen too much pain for one lifetime. Fuck you in advance for the mere implication that you've put time and energy into whatever the fuck this thing is. Everything I do is doomed to fail and you are a mini me. It saddens.

We've had more hits lately. Just goes to show bad press beats no press. We love you too Laserfart.

Uh-Oh, Miller & Mullet Are Blogging

Continuing their campaign to conquer the interweb, both Miller & Mullet have started blogs. Check the Links page for details. Don't forget to also visit us on MySpace and join our Facebook group.

Miller & Mullet on Ed's Night Party

Wanna see proof? There's pics in Ed the Sock's behind-the-scenes gallery.

What the Hell Are Miller & Mullet Up To Now?

These are busy times. Ed the Sock invited us back to shoot another episode, Issue 2 of the comic is in production with the script already completed, and our much anticipated DVD is on track for a summer release with 2 shorts already in the can, one of which is titled Can. Coincedence or CONSPIRACY?!

Happy 2008 from Miller & Mullet!

2008 promises to be an exciting year. Hopefully 2008 doesn't break its promises like Miller's first wife.

Miller & Mullet on TV!

Are you in Canada? Are you in Ontario? Then tune in to catch Miller & Mullet's debut appearance on Ed & Red's Night Party on Sat, April 28 at 11:35pm on CITY-TV (repeats on Sun at the same time). Not in Ontario? Check your listings. Not in Canada? Sucks to you.

Dancing Mullet

It's no secret Mullet likes to dance. But we didn't know until now that he's raising an undead dancing army!

Click here to witness the invasion. (Be patient while the XML loads.)

Miller & Mullet Interviewed Online

Miller & Mullet are interviewed by a puppet in Yakking with Faze. Click the link below, then select #4 from the playlist to watch Episode 1. Does that even make sense?

Click here for interview goodness.

Season's Greetings

Happy holidays from all of us here at Miller & Mullet Productions.

Merry Xmas

Ed Miller, Model Citizen

Miller appears on the cover of the latest xmas album by local impresario, Sean Ward.

Click here to see the awesomeness.

Miller & Mullet on YouTube

Miller & Mullet make a cameo appearance in The SAVAGE Bandito Show: Episode 3. They're after the girl (04:32/09:57).

Click here to watch.

Miller & Mullet Meet Ed the Sock

And YOU can be there too!

Miller & Mullet will be appearing live in person THIS THURSDAY, Dec. 14th, at Toronto's famous El Mocambo nightclub (464 Spadina Ave, south of College). The event? Ed & Red's Xmas Spectacle featuring television's Ed the Sock and Liana K.

Miller will be dressed as Santa and Mullet will be dressed as whatever we can get him into without losing an arm (his or ours--he's a biter). You can sit on their knees and whisper to them your secret xmas wishes. Ladies, if you're lucky, Miller might give you a present. If you're really lucky, it might even come out in the wash.

Doors open at 9:30. Admission is by donation, proceeds to benefit the CHUMCity Christmas Wish.

Hope to see you there. And Merry XXXmas!

Ed & Red's Spectacle